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2013-05-13 17:10:40

Android smart phones have taken over the Smartphone market in less than 4 years. Because of its flexibility and large no of applications its becoming everyones favorite,discount nike air max. Lets now take a look of various versions of android its interesting to note that they are naming there operating systems in alphabetical order after food items,air max 1 sale.

The android beta which was released on 5th November 2007 was the first android launched ever.

Android 1,air max 90.0:
Android 1,air max sale.0 was the first commercial version HTC dream was the first device to run the android OS,air max 1 sale. ,air max 1. It has wifi and Bluetooth support with a YouTube player

Android 1.1:
The upgraded version had the ability of resolving bugs and many other features. it was released for T- Mobile G 1 only ,nike air max sale.It had the ability to save attachments in text messages

On 30th April 2009 CUPCAKE was released. It was based on Linux version 2,discount nike air max 1.6.27,nike air max 90. it contained options for video recording and playing of different video formats ,air max 1. It had the ability to upload videos to YouTube and pictures to Picasa,nike air max 1 sale. It had animated screen transitions and video can be recorded and played in 3gp and Mp4 formats

1,cheap nike air max.6 donut:
On 15th September 2009 donut was released which was based on Linux kernel 2.6,nike air max.29

2.0/2,nike air max 1.1 eclair:
Support for flash support and digital zoom were included, an improved version of Google maps were there and had a better user interface along with many other features such as

Blue tooth 2,cheap nike air max 90 sale.1 support is available in eclair
Live wall papers and account synchronization was introduced
Hardware speed was optimized and a innovative new look was given to the user interface
HTML 5 was supported by the browser and had a refreshed browser interface
In this version user can search old mms or sms messages and it automatically deleted old messages when the limit was reached

2.2 X froyo
On 20th march 2010 android 2.2 (froyo) was released which was based on the Linux kernel 2.6.32

Some of its features are
Contacts can be shared over Bluetooth and voice dialing was made possible
Chromes v8 java script engine was integrated into browser
Supported PPI screens up ti 4 720p

2.3 X ginger bread:
On 6th September 2010 Android 2.3 gingerbread was introduced with the release of Google Nexus S. The OS has new download manager and new power management system .It also supported many additional sensors. Additional features were introduced which enhanced gaming in the device.

3.0 honey comb:
This was introduced for using in tablets .It supports large screen devices and multi core processors two more versions of honey comb 3.1 and 3.2 was also released with additional features

4.0 Ice cream sandwitch:
It was announced on 19th October 2011. It is supposed to be the best mobile operating system ever made. It incorporated feature of honey comb to smart phones and added some new features like facial recognition unlock and monitoring of network usage.

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