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分类: Java

2012-05-26 21:04:11

众所周知,在web的开发框架中,有一个神器--spring,它简直就是java web开发人员的福音,最近得知spring for android 的rc版本出来了,我简直抑制不住心中的欣喜,现在,我先整体介绍一下这个框架,在后面的日子里,我会逐一研究这个框架的源码。
  其实,spring for android 就是spring 应用程序框架的一个扩展,它是用来简化应用程序的本地开发的。同时,它也提供了对Rest Client 和auth的支持。下面是spring 官方对其特点的总结。

  • Support for Spring Social 1.0.2.RELEASE, and Spring Security 3.1.0.RELEASE through the Spring for Android Auth module, which includes a SQLite datastore for persisting OAuth API connections.
  • Updated RestTemplate support, now at the level of Spring Framework 3.1.0.RELEASE.
  • Added support for Basic Authentication.
  • Added AssetResource for accessing static resources stored in the assets directory of an Android project.
  • Removed automatic loading of GsonHttpMessageConverter due to incompatibilities with preinstalled versions of Gson on some devices.
  • Improved gzip support in RestTemplate.
  • Now defaulting to standard J2SE facilities (HttpURLConnection) in Gingerbread and newer, as recommended by Google.
  • Disabled connection reuse on Eclair and older versions when using HttpURLConnection, because of a defect in connection pooling on those versions of Android.
  • Added several additional bug fixes and improvements.

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