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分类: 嵌入式

2012-08-13 09:14:16

Busybox Setting配置

Busybox Settings  --->                                //busybox设置选项

         General Configuration  --->                                //通用设置


                   [ ] Enable options for full-blown desktop systems

                   [ ] Provide compatible behavior for rare corner cases (bigger code) (NEW)


                   [*] Enable obsolete features removed before SUSv3 (NEW)


                   [ ] Avoid using GCC-specific code constructs (NEW)

                   --- Enable Linux-specific applets and features


                            Buffer allocation policy (Allocate with Malloc)  --->


                   [*] Show applet usage messages (NEW)


                   [*]   Show verbose applet usage messages (NEW)

                   /*运行 —help显示的帮助信息*/

                   [*]   Store applet usage messages in compressed form (NEW)

                   /*支持—install [-s]命令,该选项允许在busybox运行时动态创建链接*/

                   [*] Support --install [-s] to install applet links at runtime (NEW)

/*不使用/usr,当make install时,所有程序安装在/bin/sbin下,而不安装在/usr/bin/usr/sbin*/

                   [ ] Don't use /usr (NEW)


                   [ ] Enable locale support (system needs locale for this to work) (NEW)


                   [*] Support Unicode (NEW)


                   [ ]   Check $LANG environment variable (NEW)


                   (63)  Character code to substitute unprintable characters with (NEW)


                   (767) Range of supported Unicode characters (NEW)


                   [ ]   Allow zero-width Unicode characters on output (NEW)


                   [ ]   Allow wide Unicode characters on output (NEW)


                   [ ]   Bidirectional character-aware line input (NEW)



                   [ ]   Make it possible to enter sequences of chars which are not Unicode (NEW)


                   [*] Support for --long-options (NEW)


                   [*] Use the devpts filesystem for Unix98 PTYs (NEW)


                   [ ] Clean up all memory before exiting (usually not needed) (NEW)

                   /*使用 /var/run/utmp追踪哪个用户处于登陆状态,程序在这设置和删除接入点*/

                   [*] Support utmp file (NEW)


                   [*]   Support wtmp file (NEW)


                   [*] Support writing pidfiles (NEW)


                   [*] Support for SUID/SGID handling (NEW)


                   [*]   Runtime SUID/SGID configuration via /etc/busybox.conf (NEW)


                   [*]     Suppress warning message if /etc/busybox.conf is not readable (NEW)


                   [ ] Support NSA Security Enhanced Linux (NEW)


                   [ ] exec prefers applets (NEW)

                   (/proc/self/exe) Path to BusyBox executable (NEW)

         Build Options  --->                                                          //编译选项


                   [ ] Build BusyBox as a static binary (no shared libs) (NEW) 


                [ ]   Build BusyBox as a position independent executable (NEW)


                 [ ] Force NOMMU build (NEW)


           [ ] Build shared libbusybox (NEW)


[*] Build with Large File Support (for accessing files > 2 GB) (NEW)


()  Cross Compiler prefix (NEW)


()  Path to sysroot (NEW)


()  Additional CFLAGS (NEW)



()  Additional LDFLAGS (NEW)


()  Additional LDLIBS (NEW)

         Debugging Options  --->                                     //调试选项

                   [ ] Build BusyBox with extra Debugging symbols (NEW)           //开发时调试用

                 [ ] Abort compilation on any warning (NEW)                               //GCC增加-Werror选项

Additional debugging library (None)  --->                                  //调试用的库

         (X) None

        ( ) Dmalloc

        ( ) Electric-fence

         Installation Options ("make install" behavior)  --->                           //安装选项

                   What kind of applet links to install (as soft-links)  --->             //链接类型,一般选软链接

                            (X) as soft-links

( ) as hard-links

( ) as script wrappers

( ) not installed

                   /*make install时生成文件的位置。默认当前目录下的_install*/

(./_install) BusyBox installation prefix (NEW)                    

         Busybox Library Tuning  --->                              //库微调


                   [*] Enable systemd support (NEW)


[*] Support RTMIN[+n] and RTMAX[-n] signal names (NEW)


(6) Minimum password length (NEW)


(1)     MD5: Trade bytes for speed (0:fast, 3:slow) (NEW)


[*] Faster /proc scanning code (+100 bytes) (NEW)


[ ] Support for /etc/networks (NEW)


[*] Use termios to manipulate the screen (NEW)


[*] Command line editing (NEW)


(1024) Maximum length of input (NEW)


[ ]   vi-style line editing commands (NEW)


(255) History size (NEW)


[*]   History saving (NEW)


[ ]     Save history on shell exit, not after every command (NEW)


[*]     Reverse history search (NEW)


[*]   Tab completion (NEW)


[ ]     Username completion (NEW)


[*]   Fancy shell prompts (NEW)


[ ]   Query cursor position from terminal (NEW)


[*] Non-POSIX, but safer, copying to special nodes (NEW)


[ ] Give more precise messages when copy fails (cp, mv etc) (NEW)


(4) Copy buffer size, in kilobytes (NEW)


[*] Skip rootfs in mount table (NEW)

/*使用clock_gettime(CLOCK_MONOTONIC) 系统调用,一些命令会用到准确时间,不使用可能引发错误*/

[ ] Use clock_gettime(CLOCK_MONOTONIC) syscall (NEW)


[*] Use ioctl names rather than hex values in error messages (NEW)


[*] Support infiniband HW (NEW)

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