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2018-02-25 09:08:21

ID Name Note 
== ==== ==== 
00h empty [空] 
01h DOS 12-bit FAT [MS DOS FAT12] 
02h XENIX root file system [MS XENIX 根文件系统] 
03h XENIX /usr file system (obsolete) [MS XENIX /usr 文件系统] 
04h DOS 16-bit FAT (up to 32M) [MS DOS FAT16 支持32M以下的分区] 
05h DOS 3.3+ extended partition [MS DOS 3.3以上的扩展分区] 
06h DOS 3.31+ Large File System (16-bit FAT, over 32M) [MS DOS 3.31以上大文件系统,支持32M以上分区的FAT16] 
07h QNX 
07h OS/2 HPFS [IBM OS/2 高性能文件系统] 
07h Windows NT NTFS [MS WindowsNT NT文件系统] 
07h Advanced Unix 
08h OS/2 (v1.0-1.3 only) [IBM OS/2 仅仅适用于 1.0-1.3版] 
08h AIX bootable partition, SplitDrive [IBM AIX 引导分区,分割驱动器] 
08h Commodore DOS 
08h DELL partition spanning multiple drives [DELL 跨驱动器分区] 
09h AIX data partition [IBM AIX数据分区] 
09h Coherent filesystem [Coherent 文件系统] 
0Ah OS/2 Boot Manager [IBM OS/2 引导管理器分区] 
0Ah Coherent swap partition [Coherent 交换分区] 
0Bh Windows 95 with 32-bit FAT [MS Windows 95 FAT32] 
0Ch Windows 95 with 32-bit FAT (using LBA-mode INT 13 extensions) [MS Windows 95 FAT32 使用LBA模式INT13扩展] 
0Eh LBA VFAT (same as 06h but using LBA-mode INT 13) [LBA VFAT 类似06h但使用LBA模式INT13] 
0Fh LBA VFAT (same as 05h but using LBA-mode INT 13) [LBA VFAT 类似06h但使用LBA模式INT13] 
10h OPUS 
11h OS/2 Boot Manager hidden 12-bit FAT partition [IBM OS/2 引导管理器的FAT12隐藏分区] 
12h Compaq Diagnostics partition [Compaq 诊断分区] 
12h Unkown hidden FAT partition 
14h (using Novell DOS 7.0 FDISK to delete Linux Native part) [使用Novell DOS 7.0的FDISK删除Linux原生分区]
14h OS/2 Boot Manager hidden sub-32M 16-bit FAT partition [IBM OS/2 引导管理器的小于等于32M的FAT16隐藏分区] 
16h OS/2 Boot Manager hidden over-32M 16-bit FAT partition [IBM OS/2 引导管理器的大于32M的FAT16隐藏分区] 
17h OS/2 Boot Manager hidden HPFS partition [IBM OS/2 引导管理器的HPFS隐藏分区] 
18h AST special Windows swap file [AST 特殊Windows交换文件分区] 
1Bh Hidden Windows 95 with 32-bit FAT [Windows 95 FAT32隐藏分区] 
1Ch Hidden Windows 95 with 32-bit LBA FAT [Windows 95 LBA模式FAT32隐藏分区] 
1Eh Hidden Windows 95 with LBA BIGDOS [Windows 95 LBA模式BIGDOS隐藏分区] 
21h officially listed as reserved [官方保留] 
23h officially listed as reserved [官方保留] 
24h NEC MS-DOS 3.x 
26h officially listed as reserved [官方保留] 
27h Unkown hidden NTFS partition 
31h officially listed as reserved [官方保留] 
33h officially listed as reserved [官方保留] 
34h officially listed as reserved [官方保留] 
36h officially listed as reserved [官方保留] 
38h Theos 
3Ch PowerQuest PartitionMagic recovery partition [PowerQuest PartitionMagic 恢复分区] 
40h VENIX 80286 
41h Personal RISC Boot [Personal RISC 引导分区] 
42h SFS (Secure File System) by Peter Gutmann [Peter Gutmann安全文件系统] 
4Fh Oberon 
50h OnTrack Disk Manager, read-only partition [OnTrack Disk Manger 只读分区] 
51h OnTrack Disk Manager, read/write partition [Personal RISC 读写分区] 
52h CP/M 
52h Microport System V/386 
53h OnTrack Disk Manager, write-only partition??? [OnTrack Disk Manager只写分区???] 
54h OnTrack Disk Manager (DDO) 
56h GoldenBow VFeature 
57h Unkown hidden FAT partition 
58h Unkown hidden FAT partition 
61h SpeedStor 
63h Unix SysV/386, 386/ix 
63h Mach, MtXinu BSD 4.3 on Mach 
64h Novell NetWare 286 
65h Novell NetWare (3.11) 
67h Novell 
68h Novell 
69h Novell 
70h DiskSecure Multi-Boot 
71h officially listed as reserved [官方保留] 
73h officially listed as reserved [官方保留] 
74h officially listed as reserved [官方保留] 
75h PC/IX 
76h officially listed as reserved [官方保留] 
80h Minix v1.1 - 1.4a 
81h Minix v1.4b+ 
81h Linux 
81h Mitac Advanced Disk Manager 
82h Linux Swap partition [Linux 交换分区] 
82h Prime 
82h Solaris 
83h Linux native file system (ext2fs/xiafs) [Linux 原生分区] [包括ext3.ext4等]
84h OS/2-renumbered type 04h partition (hiding DOS C: drive) 
86h officially listed as reserved [官方保留] 
87h HPFS Fault-Tolerant mirrored partition [HPFS 容错镜像分区] 
93h Amoeba file system [Amoeba文件系统] 
94h Amoeba bad block table [Amoeba坏块表] 
A1h officially listed as reserved [官方保留] 
A3h officially listed as reserved [官方保留] 
A4h officially listed as reserved [官方保留] 
A5h FreeBSD, BSD/386 
A6h officially listed as reserved [官方保留] 
B1h officially listed as reserved [官方保留] 
B3h officially listed as reserved [官方保留] 
B4h officially listed as reserved [官方保留] 
B6h officially listed as reserved [官方保留] 
B7h BSDI file system (secondarily swap) [BSDI 文件系统第二交换分区] 
B8h BSDI swap partition (secondarily file system) [BSDI 文件系统第二文件分区] 
BCh ATI hidden FAT partition [ 用于保存ATI映像的隐藏分区 ] 
C1h DR DOS 6.0 LOGIN.EXE-secured 12-bit FAT partition [DR DOS 6.0 LOGIN.EXE 安全 FAT12分区] 
C4h DR DOS 6.0 LOGIN.EXE-secured 16-bit FAT partition [DR DOS 6.0 LOGIN.EXE 安全 FAT16分区] 
C6h DR DOS 6.0 LOGIN.EXE-secured Huge partition [DR DOS 6.0 LOGIN.EXE 安全巨分区] 
C7h Syrinx Boot 
D7h DELL hidden FAT partition 
D8h CP/M-86 
DBh CP/M, Concurrent CP/M, Concurrent DOS 
DBh CTOS (Convergent Technologies OS) 
DBh DELL hidden FAT partition 
DDh DELL hidden FAT partition 
DEh DELL hidden FAT partition 
E1h SpeedStor 12-bit FAT extended partition [SpeedStor FAT12扩展分区] 
E3h DOS read-only [DOS只读分区] 
E3h Storage Dimensions 
E4h SpeedStor 16-bit FAT extended partition [SpeedStor FAT16扩展分区] 
E5h officially listed as reserved [官方保留] 
E6h officially listed as reserved [官方保留] 
EBh BeOS partition 
F1h Storage Dimensions 
F2h DOS 3.3+ secondary partition [DOS 3.3以上第二分区] 
F3h officially listed as reserved [官方保留] 
F4h SpeedStor 
F4h Storage Dimensions 
F6h officially listed as reserved [官方保留] 
FEh LANstep 
FFh Xenix bad block table [Xenix坏块表]
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