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分类: 嵌入式

2012-10-08 10:46:31

android 国际化及文本渲染框架[0] --- java scope

android 拥有一个比较复杂的国际化及文本渲染框架,包含有从java -> JNI -> C/C++ 的非常庞大的code。

Canvas The Canvas class holds the "draw" calls.
Paint The Paint class holds the style and color information about how to draw geometries, text and bitmaps.
Paint.FontMetrics Class that describes the various metrics for a font at a given text size.
Paint.FontMetricsInt Convenience method for callers that want to have FontMetrics values as integers.
Path The Path class encapsulates compound (multiple contour) geometric paths consisting of straight line segments, quadratic curves, and cubic curves.
PathEffect PathEffect is the base class for objects in the Paint that affect the geometry of a drawing primitive before it is transformed by the canvas' matrix and drawn.
Picture A picture records drawing calls (via the canvas returned by beginRecording) and can then play them back (via picture.draw(canvas) or canvas.drawPicture).
Typeface The Typeface class specifies the typeface and intrinsic style of a font.

Editable This is the interface for text whose content and markup can be changed (as opposed to immutable text like Strings).
GetChars Please implement this interface if your CharSequence has a getChars() method like the one in String that is faster than calling charAt() multiple times.
Html.ImageGetter Retrieves images for HTML tags.
Html.TagHandler Is notified when HTML tags are encountered that the parser does not know how to interpret.
InputFilter InputFilters can be attached to Editables to constrain the changes that can be made to them.
InputType Bit definitions for an integer defining the basic content type of text held in an Editable object.
NoCopySpan This interface should be added to a span object that should not be copied into a new Spenned when performing a slice or copy operation on the original Spanned it was placed in.
ParcelableSpan A special kind of Parcelable for objects that will serve as text spans.
Spannable This is the interface for text to which markup objects can be attached and detached.
Spanned This is the interface for text that has markup objects attached to ranges of it.
SpanWatcher When an object of this type is attached to a Spannable, its methods will be called to notify it that other markup objects have been added, changed, or removed.
TextUtils.StringSplitter An interface for splitting strings according to rules that are opaque to the user of this interface.
TextWatcher When an object of a type is attached to an Editable, its methods will be called when the text is changed.

AlteredCharSequence An AlteredCharSequence is a CharSequence that is largely mirrored from another CharSequence, except that a specified range of characters are mirrored from a different char array instead.
AndroidCharacter AndroidCharacter exposes some character properties that are not easily accessed from java.lang.Character.
Annotation Annotations are simple key-value pairs that are preserved across TextView save/restore cycles and can be used to keep application-specific data that needs to be maintained for regions of text.
AutoText This class accesses a dictionary of corrections to frequent misspellings.
BoringLayout A BoringLayout is a very simple Layout implementation for text that fits on a single line and is all left-to-right characters.
ClipboardManager This class is deprecated. Old text-only interface to the clipboard. See ClipboardManager for the modern API.
DynamicLayout DynamicLayout is a text layout that updates itself as the text is edited.
Editable.Factory Factory used by TextView to create new Editables.
Html This class processes HTML strings into displayable styled text.
InputFilter.AllCaps This filter will capitalize all the lower case letters that are added through edits.
InputFilter.LengthFilter This filter will constrain edits not to make the length of the text greater than the specified length.
Layout A base class that manages text layout in visual elements on the screen.
Layout.Directions Stores information about bidirectional (left-to-right or right-to-left) text within the layout of a line.
LoginFilter Abstract class for filtering login-related text (user names and passwords)  
LoginFilter.PasswordFilterGMail This filter is compatible with GMail passwords which restricts characters to the Latin-1 (ISO8859-1) char set.
LoginFilter.UsernameFilterGeneric This filter rejects characters in the user name that are not compatible with Google login.
LoginFilter.UsernameFilterGMail This filter rejects characters in the user name that are not compatible with GMail account creation.
NoCopySpan.Concrete Convenience equivalent for when you would just want a new Object() for a span but want it to be no-copy.
Selection Utility class for manipulating cursors and selections in CharSequences.
Spannable.Factory Factory used by TextView to create new Spannables.
SpannableString This is the class for text whose content is immutable but to which markup objects can be attached and detached.
SpannableStringBuilder This is the class for text whose content and markup can both be changed.
SpannedString This is the class for text whose content and markup are immutable.
StaticLayout StaticLayout is a Layout for text that will not be edited after it is laid out.
TextPaint TextPaint is an extension of Paint that leaves room for some extra data used during text measuring and drawing.
TextUtils.SimpleStringSplitter A simple string splitter.


DateFormat Utility class for producing strings with formatted date/time.
DateUtils This class contains various date-related utilities for creating text for things like elapsed time and date ranges, strings for days of the week and months, and AM/PM text etc.
Formatter Utility class to aid in formatting common values that are not covered by the Formatter class in java.util  
Time An alternative to the Calendar and GregorianCalendar classes.

AttributedCharacterIterator Extends the CharacterIterator interface, adding support for iterating over attributes and not only characters.
CharacterIterator An interface for the bidirectional iteration over a group of characters.

Annotation Wrapper for a text attribute value which represents an annotation.
AttributedCharacterIterator.Attribute Defines keys for text attributes.
AttributedString Holds a string with attributes describing the characters of this string.
Bidi Implements the Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm.
BreakIterator Locates boundaries in text.
ChoiceFormat Returns a fixed string based on a numeric value.
CollationElementIterator Created by a RuleBasedCollator to iterate through a string.
CollationKey Represents a string under the rules of a specific Collator object.
Collator Performs locale-sensitive string comparison.
DateFormat An abstract class for date/time formatting subclasses which formats and parses dates or time in a language-independent manner.
DateFormat.Field The instances of this inner class are used as attribute keys and values in AttributedCharacterIteratorthat the formatToCharacterIterator(Object) method returns.
DateFormatSymbols Encapsulates localized date-time formatting data, such as the names of the months, the names of the days of the week, and the time zone data.
DecimalFormat A concrete subclass of NumberFormat that formats decimal numbers.
DecimalFormatSymbols Encapsulates the set of symbols (such as the decimal separator, the grouping separator, and so on) needed by DecimalFormat to format numbers.
FieldPosition Identifies fields in formatted strings.
Format The base class for all formats.
Format.Field Inner class used to represent Format attributes in the AttributedCharacterIterator that theformatToCharacterIterator() method returns in Format subclasses.
MessageFormat Produces concatenated messages in language-neutral way.
MessageFormat.Field The instances of this inner class are used as attribute keys in AttributedCharacterIterator that theformatToCharacterIterator(Object) method returns.
Normalizer Provides normalization functions according to Unicode Standard Annex #15: Unicode Normalization Forms.
NumberFormat The abstract base class for all number formats.
NumberFormat.Field The instances of this inner class are used as attribute keys and values in AttributedCharacterIteratorthat the formatToCharacterIterator(Object) method returns.
ParsePosition Tracks the current position in a parsed string.
RuleBasedCollator A concrete implementation class for Collation.
SimpleDateFormat A concrete class for formatting and parsing dates in a locale-sensitive manner.
StringCharacterIterator An implementation of CharacterIterator for strings.

Normalizer.Form The normalization forms supported by the Normalizer.

ParseException Thrown when the string being parsed is not in the correct form.

Calendar Calendar is an abstract base class for converting between a Date object and a set of integer fields such as YEAR, MONTH, DAY, HOUR, and so on.
GregorianCalendar GregorianCalendar is a concrete subclass of Calendar and provides the standard calendar used by most of the world.
ListResourceBundle ListResourceBundle is the abstract superclass of classes which provide resources by implementing the getContents() method to return the list of resources.
Locale Locale represents a language/country/variant combination.
ResourceBundle ResourceBundle is an abstract class which is the superclass of classes which provide Locale-specific resources.
ResourceBundle.Control ResourceBundle.Control is a static utility class defines ResourceBundle load access methods, its default access order is as the same as before.
SimpleTimeZone SimpleTimeZone is a concrete subclass of TimeZone that represents a time zone for use with a Gregorian calendar.
TimeZone TimeZone represents a time zone, primarily used for configuring a Calendar or SimpleDateFormatinstance.

MatchResult Holds the results of a successful match of a Pattern against a given string.

Matcher The result of applying a Pattern to a given input.
Pattern Patterns are compiled regular expressions.

PatternSyntaxException Encapsulates a syntax error that occurred during the compilation of a Pattern.

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